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Submitted: 25 June 2019 | Approved: 10 July 2019 | Published: 11 July 2019

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Proposal for the elimination of allergies

James F Walles*

Free Lance Writer, USA

*Address for Correspondence: James F Welles, Free Lance Writer, USA, PO Box 17, East Marion, NY 11939, Tel: 631-323-8153, 954-531-5392; Email: JWelles103@aol.com


A man I knew had an extreme allergy to poison ivy when he was a child. When he was about four-teen, he was hanging out with a group of his friends who dared him to eat some poison ivy. He did, and never got poison ivy again. Presumably, the ingestion of the allergen led to the development of immunity.

This might be a pathway to eliminating allergies–ingest the allergen. For example, cutting up poison ivy leaves into small pieces and crushing them with a mortar and pestle should lead to some juice in the mortar. Allow that to evaporate and have a test subject ingest the resultant powder, which, like pollen, etc., could be compressed into a pill. Wait 48 hours, and then see if the subject gets a rash when a small, unimportant area of the body is exposed to poison ivy leaves–and have Ivy-Dry handy. This could be a way to eliminate allergies–ingestion of the allergen.