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Immunology is a branch of biomedical science which deals with an organism’s response towards an annexing environmental factor. Cellular immunology is the study of the cells and molecules of an organism’s immune system. The field involves studying how those different cells and molecules work together to provide a defense against different types of pathogens. Clinical immunology is the study of diseases caused by disorders of the immune system such as failure and malignant growth of the cellular elements of the system.

Insights in Clinical and Cellular Immunology is an exalted approach to publish studiously peer-reviewed manuscripts amalgamating various researches in both healthy immune systems and those that are actively fighting off pathogens, comparing the differences and similarities of how the immune system’s cellular physiology operates.

Reasons for Publishing

As a science, immunology has matured to the point where the tremendous complexities of the immune system are now apparent. We have made great progress in understanding the genetic and molecular defects that lead to primary as well as secondary immunodeficiency, autoimmunity and malignancies in the immune system. However, our abilities and capacities to therapeutically intervene in these disorders remain rudimentary.

To address these issues, Insights in Clinical and Cellular Immunology took the initiative to publish the ideas and researches from eminent immunologists’ worldwide forming the basis of many new clinical trials that will lead to the acceptance, distribution and widespread use of immunotherapies.

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